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The Importance of Oil Changes at Carlsen Subaru Near Mountain View, CA

 An oil change is an essential service Carlsen Subaru provides for Subaru drivers outside Palo Alto. In fact, your Subaru Outback needs oil for your engine to perform properly as you commute past Menlo Park. Unfortunately, as your engine ages, it wears out and becomes less effective at regulating heat. Without regularly scheduled oil changes, you can end up with a long list of engine problems. The best way to avoid this scenario is to change oil regularly by experts in their craft.

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Why is an oil change necessary?

An oil change is an essential part of Subaru Forester regular maintenance.

Dirty oil can cause the engine to lose lubrication and absorb too much heat. So, suppose you don't regularly change the oil. In that case, contaminated oil may lead to costly engine damage and repairs to follow.

Old oil also causes your Subaru SUV to underperform and makes the engine work harder. This situation decreases Subaru fuel efficiency, which leads to paying more for gas near Redwood City.

What happens during an oil change at Carlsen Subaru?

At Carlsen Subaru, we have experienced, factory-trained technicians in our service department who provide this service daily.

In effect, they will drain the old oil from your Subaru engine. Then, according to the Subaru recommendation, the technician will replenish your engine with the right type of fresh oil.

Our technicians will also replace the oil filter. An oil filter removes impurities before oil courses into the engine. If the oil filter is full of sludge and debris, it becomes ineffective.

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Make an oil-change appointment online or stop by our local, Menlo Park-area, Subaru Express Service center.