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Subaru-certified Brake Servicing, Repairs Near Redwood City, CA

Routine brake-system maintenance is key to the performance and safety of your vehicle in Mountain View. There are some items you simply don't want to neglect. Doing so could end up costing you in repairs down the line or simply causing your vehicle harm and those being transported. Worst case scenario, improper brake system care could be dangerous with the potential to lead to accidents. At Carlsen Subaru, we care about our local, Palo Alto customers, and we want you to stay safe on the roads. Keeping up with regular brake servicing is one way to gain peace-of-mind.

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Signs You Need Brake Servicing at Carlsen Subaru

There are often several signs signaling your brakes require servicing near Menlo Park. For instance, if you hear a high-pitched squealing noise when pressing the brake pedal, this is an indication of worn brake pads.

In addition, if your foot goes too far to the floor upon applying your brakes, this is another sign of concern. Any strange grinding or scraping noises should be checked out, as well.

What to Expect from Brake Inspections at Carlsen Subaru

Brake systems are complex. So, it's important to find a service team who knows your vehicle brand inside and out.

Our technicians can inspect your brakes to let you know how worn your pads may be. We'll look for fluid leaks, measure rotors for proper surfacing depth, check the brake pedal and more.

Carlsen Subaru - Subaru-Certified Servicing and Handling All Makes, Models

Make a brake system service appointment online or visit our local, Palo Alto-area service department. No matter make or model, we can handle your brake system inspection and repair, when necessary.