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Subaru head gasket replacement and still overheating service FAQs

Why Is My Car Overheating After a Head Gasket Replacement in the Bay Area?

Get answers about overheating and head gasket replacements

The proper replacement of a head gasket(s) should take care of any overheating issues caused by the gasket's failure. If the engine still overheats, it's likely that something is wrong with the engine cooling system. Fortunately, fixing such problems should be less time consuming and costly than having the head gasket replaced.

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Learn why your Subaru is still overheating after a head gasket replacement

What Cooling System Problems Can Cause Overheating?

Generally, a technician will check the entire cooling system when replacing a head gasket. This is especially important because the head gasket serves to separate the oil, water, and combustion chambers, so its failure can compromise any or all of those systems. However, having everything done correctly in regards to the head gasket doesn't necessarily mean that everything in the engine cooling system is good to go. Components that weren't checked during a head gasket repair, like the thermostat, water pump, and radiator may be causing the engine to run hot. This is more common for engines with an unknown maintenance history.

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In our experience, an engine that still overheats after head gasket service is exceptionally rare. When you trust factory-trained expert technicians at your local authorized Subaru dealer, it should be properly fixed with one visit to the service center. If your engine is overheating after a different independent shop did the head gasket work, you may consider getting a second opinion from an authorized dealer.

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Remember, an automobile is a complex machine that's come from generations of engineering advancements. Vehicles of any age or mileage can have separate issues at the same time. The best way to enjoy the most from your vehicle with the least amount of effort is to keep up with the manufacturer recommended maintenance.

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