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A vehicle's engine will misfire when the air/fuel mixture inside one or more cylinders fails to ignite. This usually results in a noticeable decrease in power. It may be a consistent problem, or you may experience this only briefly before the vehicle runs normally again. Either way, the computers in modern vehicles are typically able to detect a misfire and store a code that will point to which cylinder had the issue.

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What Causes an Engine Misfire?

At its heart, an engine misfire means that either the fuel, oxygen, or spark needed for combustion isn't doing what it should. If it's the spark that's missing, something is preventing a sufficient current from getting to the spark plug electrode. In many cases, this type of misfire can be fixed by simply replacing faulty components like the spark plug, ignition coil, or a sensor.

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The fuel is another possible cause of misfiring. If your engine misfires more at lower speeds and less at higher speeds, it's probably due to a fuel system problem. A faulty fuel injector may be to blame or there may not be enough fuel pressure for the system to work properly. Sometimes, simply replacing the fuel filter will solve the problem, or the fuel pump may need to be checked.

In rare cases, a mechanical issue can be to blame for an engine misfire. In older vehicles, the timing of the spark was mechanically driven. Today, onboard computers take care of the ignition timing and a host of other engine and transmission operations. This means a mechanical fault that causes an engine misfire in a modern car is likely a serious problem.

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Is an Engine Misfire Something You Can Ignore?

If your engine is misfiring, it's best to address the problem as soon as possible. A misfire at the wrong time, like when merging with freeway traffic, can be a major problem. While your vehicle may seem drivable with a misfire, there's an increased risk to its reliability, and no one wants to be in the stalled car that's blocking traffic.

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