What are common causes of tire damage?
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What Are Some Common Causes of Tire Damage in the Redwood City Area?

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There are many potential causes for tire damage; while nails are perhaps the most commonly thought of, they're far from the only cause. Potholes and other obstacles on the road can damage your vehicle's tires. If your Subaru isn't properly aligned, the tires can wear down unevenly, causing damage. Similarly, driving with too much air or too little air in the tires can also lead to damage. Fortunately, all light motor vehicles made since 2008 have tire pressure monitors--so if you're driving a Subaru that's less than a decade old, you'll be able to know when something is amiss with the tire pressure.

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What Should I Do If My Tires Are Damaged?

The course of action you should take differs based on what kind of damage your tires have sustained. Uneven wear generally points to improper wheel alignment. In this case, you should bring your Subaru to a Subaru authorized service center for alignment service. We also recommend getting your alignment checked yearly to avoid tire damage in the first place.

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If the tires are too worn, they might need to be replaced. If you have too much or too little air in your tires, the fix is even simpler: add or remove air until they're properly inflated.

If your tires have been punctured, it's not always necessary to replace them. If the damage is bad enough, new tires will be needed; however, repair is also a possibility for a small enough puncture. No matter what causes tire damage, the important thing is to get it taken care of as soon as possible, since small problems can quickly become big ones.

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Should I Have All Four Tires Replaced?

If replacement is necessary, it's a good idea to replace all four tires--especially on all-wheel drive vehicles. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive sends power to all four wheels, and having one tire that's slightly thicker than the others (thanks to new tread) can cause damage by putting unnecessary stress on the system.

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