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30,000 Mile Subaru Recommended Service

Major 30,000 Mile Carlsen Subaru Recommended Service Schedule, or 24 Months

  • Change Oil Filter
  • Change engine oil
  • Replace oil drain plug gasket
  • Add MOC Engine oil conditioner
  • Inspect air filter
  • Check horn operation
  • Check interior light operation
  • Inspect all exterior lights
  • Lube door hinges and latches
  • Check remote/keyless operation
  • Check all safety belts for proper operation
  • Check clutch operation, adjust if applicable
  • Inspect axle and cv boots
  • Set tire pressure to vehicles specifications
  • Check wiper/washer operation
  • Inspect all under hood fluid levels, top off if needed
  • Inspect cooling system hoses
  • Check parking brake operation, adjust if needed
  • Inspect fuel & evap lines
  • Rotate tires, balance front, inspect tire wear
  • Re-register TPMs sensors if applicable
  • Measure tire tread depth
  • Inspect brake pads/shoes, measure approximate remaining
  • Inspect Belts (Replace as needed, subject to additional charges)
  • Conduct road test
  • Replace air filter
  • Add MOC fuel system to fuel tank
  • Install windshield washer solvent concentrate
  • Check PCV valve (if applicable)*
  • Inspect exhaust system for damage or leaks
  • Inspect power steering operation
  • Lubricate sunroof track (if applicable)
  • Lubricate all weather strips
  • Inspect spare tire, adjust pressure (if accessible)
  • Inspect clutch hydraulic system
  • Inspect/adjust hill holder operation (if applicable)
  • Inspect and report fluid leaks
  • Check window operation, lube track if needed
  • Test charging system/ alternator output
  • Load test vehicle battery
  • Check A/C operation
  • Test coolant protection level
  • Inspect rear differential oil
  • Replace in-cabin pollen filter (included on 2010 & newer cars and 2009 and older cars recommended service)*
  • 4 wheel alignment inspection, adjust if neccessary*
  • Replace fuel filter (if applicable)
  • Replace thermostat & gasket at 90k mile interval*
  • Pressure test radiator cap
  • Replace front differential oil
  • Replace rear differential oil
  • Replace manual transmission oil
  • Replace automatic transmission oil (Additional charges may apply for 2005 and up)
  • Flush brake fluid
  • Drain & refill engine cooling system. (2009 model year+ at 100k miles)
  • Pressure test cooling system
  • Install Subaru of America coolant conditioner
  • Replace clutch hydraulic fluid
  • Replace spark plugs (as needed, platinum/iridium spark plugs parts higher, H-6 & Turbo engines additional labor)*
  • Replace PCV valve (as needed, 60k interval)*
  • Inspect ignition wires or coil packs
  • Service battery and install anti-corrosive pads
  • Clean throttle body (if accessible)
  • Check engine control unit for fault codes, clear memory and perform relearn mode.
  • Inspect ABS system for codes, clear and road test
  • Inspect automatic transmission control unit for codes, clear and road test
  • Inspect engine OBD system for codes, clear and roadtest
  • Inspect SRS airbag system self-diagnostics for codes and report

  • Additional Recommended Subaru Service at Carlsen Subaru

  • 4 Wheel alignment*
  • Timing belt (most 4 cylinders)*
  • Throttle body service (MOC method)*
  • Fuel injection flush (MOC method)*
  • A/C Deodorizer service (MOC method)*
  • Power steering fluid flush (MOC method)*
  • Auto trans complete fluid flush (MOC method)*
  • Detail vehicle*
  • Engine decarb flush service (MOC method)*
  • Valve adjustment at 120K miles or as needed*

*Additional Charges May Apply

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