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Subaru Performance Tuning

Carlsen Subaru offers a full line of Subaru Performance Parts and has many SPT parts in stock. Genuine Subaru Performance Tuning parts are engineered specifically to enhance the performance, endurance, and in some cases, the appearance of your vehicle.  Visit our SPT parts department and let one our Subaru parts specialists show you how to customize your Subaru today. Carlsen Subaru also has a large selection of pre-owned Subarus and a huge inventory of new Subaru vehicles all available to customize with performance parts.

San Francisco Subaru Performance Parts Center

Subaru Performance Tuning parts and Carlsen Subaru allow Subaru owners in the San Francisco, San Jose, Redwood City and surrounding areas the option of customizing their  vehicles without asking them to compromise the quality and integrity of their Subarus.  At San Francisco's SPT parts headquarters we are prepared to answer your performance tuning questions and make suggestion for increasing the performance and overall quality of your vehicle.

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Part NumberDescriptionApplicabilityMSRP*
C1010AG001STI Short Throw Shifter-5 MTALL exc STI$295.00
C1010FG600STI Short Throw Shifter-6 MTSTI$395.00
C1010FA100STI Titanium Shift Knob-5MTMT exc STI$149.95
C1010FA140Carbon Fiber Shift Knob-5MTMT exc STI$175.00
J101SFG110Carbon B-Pillar Trim'08 - '11 all$219.95
J101SFG100Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim'08 - '11 Sedan all$120.00
E101SFG000Carbon Fiber Side Sill Plate Insert'08 - '11 all, exc STI$119.95
C1010FE100STI Titanium Shift Knob-6MTSTI$169.95
C1010FE200STI Titanium Shift Knob ATAT$149.95
C1010FG000STI Aluminum & Leather Shift Knob-5MTAll 5MT$169.95
C1010FG100STI Aluminum & Leather Shift Knob-6MT6MT$169.95
C1010FG200STI Aluminum & Leather Shift Knob-ATAT$179.95
C1010FG300STI Duracon Shift Knob-5MTAll 5MT$79.95
C1010FG400STI Duracon Shift Knob-6MT6MT$79.95
C1010SA005STI Shift Carbon Fiber Shift Decal - 5MTMT exc STI$24.95
C1010SE000Momo Shift Knob, 5MTMT exc STI$84.00
C101ESA000Momo Shift Knob, ATAT$52.00
C8110AG000STI Metal Pedal Pad Kit MT'08-'09 MT exc WRX, STI$159.95
C8110AG010STI Metal Pedal Pad Kit AT'08-'09 AT$139.95
C8110FG000STI Metal Pedal Pad Kit AT'10 A/T$139.95
C8110FG010STI Metal Pedal Pad Kit MT'10 M/T exc STI$159.95
E2410FG100STI Front Lip Spoiler'08 WRX Base, '08-'10 2.5i & 2.5GT$369.55
E2410FG110STI Front Lip Spoiler'08-'10 WRX$369.55
E2410FG120STI Front Lip Spoiler'08-'10 STI$369.55
E2410FG140STI Front Lip Spoiler'11 STI$369.55
H501SFG500SPT Turbo Boost GaugeWRX & STI$230.00
J1010FG040Chrome Sport Grille - JDM Look'08-'10 All$345.00
J1010FG101DJSport Mesh Grille - Newport Blue'08-'10 All exc STI$277.00
J1010FG101GESport Mesh Grille - Topaz Gold'08 All exc WRX & STI$174.00
J1010FG101ENSport Mesh Grille - Dark Gray Metallic'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101HBSport Mesh Grille - Sage Green Metallic'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101MDSport Mesh Grille - Steel Silver'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$172.00
J1010FG101PGSport Mesh Grille - WR Blue'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101RESport Mesh Grille - Camellia Red Pearl'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101RLSport Mesh Grille - Lightning Red'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101TISport Mesh Grille - Spark Silver Metallic'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101U4Sport Mesh Grille - Paprika Red Pearl'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101VWSport Mesh Grille - Obsidian Black'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101WUSport Mesh Grille - Satin White Pearl'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101D6Sport Mesh Grille - Ski Blue'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG101B7Sport Mesh Grille - Marine Blue'08-'11 All exc STI & '11 WRX$277.00
J1010FG200ENSport Mesh Grille - STI - Dark Gray Metallic'08-10 STI$317.00
J1010FG200PGSport Mesh Grille - STI - ER Blue'08-10 STI$317.00
J1010FG200RLSport Mesh Grille - STI - Lightning Red'08-10 STI$317.00
J1010FG200TISport Mesh Grille - STI - Spark Silver Metallic'08-10 STI$317.00
J1010FG200VWSport Mesh Grille - STI - Obsidian Black'08-10 STI$317.00
J1010FG200WUSport Mesh Grille - STI - Satin White Pearl'08-10 STI$317.00
D0510FG010Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip - 5Door'08-'10 2.5i & OB Sport$39.95
D0510FG020Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips 4Door - (2 req)'08 2.5i& WRX Base, '09-'10 2.5i & 2.5GT$39.95
D501SFG000Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip - 5Door'08 WRX Base, '09-'10 2.5GT$39.95
D441SFG000SPT Cat-Back Exhaust System 5Door'08-'10 WRX 5Door, exc '09-'10 2.5GT$799.99
D441SFG100SPT Cat-Back Exhaust System 4Door'08-'10 WRX 4Door$879.99
D441SFG200SPT Cat-Back Exhaust System 5Door STI'08-'10 STI$999.99
D441SFG400SPT Catback Exhaust System, WRX 5 door'11 WRX 5Door$999.99
D441SFG300SPT Catback Exhaust System, WRX 4 door'11 - WRX 4 door$1,019.99
D441SFG350SPT Cat-Back Exhaust System 4 Door STI'11 - 4 Door STI$1,019.99
E7710FG030Exhaust Finisher 5Door STI'08-'10 STI$179.95
SOA8431100SPT Turbo Heat Shield'06-'07 WRX, '04-'07 STI$75.00
E771SFG500SPT Turbo Heat Shield'08-'10 WRX & STI, '09-'10 2.5GT$75.00
B2010FG000STI Spring, Front (2 req'd)'08 All exc STI, '09-'10 All Exc WRX & STI$110.00
B2010FG100STI Spring, Rear (2 req'd)'08 All exc STI, '09-'10 All Exc WRX & STI$110.00
B2010FG200STI Spring, Front (2 req'd)'08-'10 STI$125.00
B2010FG300STI Spring, Rear (2 req'd)'08-'10 STI$125.00
B0220FG000STI Trailing Link Bushing (2 req)'08-'10 All$69.95
B0220FG100STI Front Lateral Link Bushing (2 req)'08-'10 All$69.95
B0220FG200STI Rear Lateral Link Bushing (2 req)'08-'10 All$69.95
B0220FG300STI Shifter Bushing'93-'11 MT$24.50
B4100FG000STI Trans Crossmember Bushing Kit'08-'10 All$31.95
B4510FG000STI Radiator Support Bushing kit'08-'10 All$57.95
D1010FE110STI Engine Mount RHAll, WRX requires 2 902380007 nuts$72.95
D1010FE120STI Engine Mount LHAll, WRX requires 2 902380007 nuts$72.95
D1040FE000STI Rod, Pitching StopperAll$54.95
D1010FE020STI Transmission Mount-5MTAll 5MT$83.95
D1010FE000STI Transmission Mount-6MTAll STI$83.95
ST4511355010STI Radiator Cap*All$59.95
SOA3881210SPT Billet Aluminum BatteryTiedown 2.0 - BlueALL$45.00
SOA3881220SPT Billet Aluminum Battery Tiedown - SteelALL$45.00
SOA3881230SPT Billet Aluminum Oil Cap-BlueALL$39.95
SOA3881240SPT Billet Aluminum Oil Filler Cap-SteelALL$39.95
SOA8431120SPT Lower Chasis Brace*All WRX, 2.5GT & STI$199.95
SOA8431130SPT Strut Tower Bar - Front*ALL$229.95

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