Subaru Spark Plug Replacement Service in Redwood City, CA

Genuine Subaru Spark Plug Replacement Service at Carlsen Subaru South of San Francisco, CA

Keep your engine burning clean with our Spark Plug Replacement Service at Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City, CA

The BOXER® engine in your Subaru is one of the best on the road, and we want to help you get the most from it in our service department at Carlsen Subaru. When it comes time for your next Subaru tune-up, schedule an appointment with us where expert factory-trained technicians can handle everything including spark plug replacement. We'll only use genuine factory-approved Subaru spark plugs while ensuring the rest of the ignition system is operating at its best. While we're at it, ask us about having the spark plug wires replaced as well.

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Why is Automotive Spark Plug Replacement Important?

The spark plugs are positioned into the combustion chamber of the engine to ignite the fuel air mixture. That means that they endure some intense conditions that requires spark plugs to be changed periodically. Left alone, the gap on your engine's spark plugs can fall out of the precise specification or become less effective due to different qualities of gasoline. New spark plugs that are precisely gapped and installed by our experts is an important part of getting the most from your Subaru or any other gasoline engine.

How Often Should You Get the Spark Plugs Replaced in Your Vehicle?

There are a variety of factors that can determine shorter or longer lifespans of spark plugs. Most modern Subaru models use platinum or iridium spark plugs which can last as long as 60,000 miles. If your engine has copper plugs in it, you'll likely want to get them replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. These are just generic guidelines, and your vehicle's owner's manual should offer a schedule specific to its engine. Ultimately, we think you'll be best served by speaking with one of our expert service advisors for a spark plug replacement schedule that best meets your specific needs.

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When it comes to keeping your Subaru well maintained, we make it easy at Carlsen Subaru. Schedule your next appointment conveniently online, or give us a call. We're located at 480 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063 where we can usually take care of basic services like oil changes and tire rotations quickly while you wait.

Why Get Your Vehicle Serviced at Carlsen Subaru Serving Oakland, CA?

No matter what vehicle you drive, the quality of maintenance it receives will make a big difference in longevity and reliability. In our state-of-the-art service center at Carlsen Subaru, we've been faithfully serving the Bay Area for nearly 40 years. We understand that our success comes from our customers, and we're proud to have recently earned the prestigious Subaru Stellar Care Award. Our special offers are frequently updated to help you save even more on common Subaru services, and we'll only use genuine or factory-approved Subaru parts, fluids, and filters when taking care of your Subaru. These are conveniently available onsite in our parts department so you can be back on the road as quickly as possible. Find out more, and treat yourself to a better experience at Carlsen Subaru just down the road from San Mateo, CA.

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