Subaru Radiator Replacement or Repair Service Research in Redwood City, CA

The radiator plays a key role in your vehicle's cooling system. As such, it's vital in keeping your engine cool enough to function. If your radiator has problems, it's often possible to repair it--though sometimes replacing it entirely is more cost-effective. Carlsen Subaru offers both.

Many times, the radiator itself isn't the problem, but rather parts of the cooling system that are connected to the radiator. Radiator hoses (which connect the radiator to the engine) can spring leaks as they age, and the radiator fan can stop working. However, it's possible for the radiator itself to get damaged, particularly if you've been in an accident.

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Why Is Radiator Service Important?

The BOXER® engine in your Subaru operates at intensely high heat. Without help cooling down, the engine would quickly warp and be destroyed. The radiator is a key component of the cooling system that keeps your engine from facing this fate. A fluid called coolant (which is a mixture of water and antifreeze) cycles through the cooling system; it picks up heat from the engine and then is drawn into the radiator. There, it gets cooled down as it rushes through metal fins that transfer heat away from the coolant and expel it as hot air. Once it's been cooled down, the coolant begins this cycle again.

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If the coolant system has been filled with only water, sediment from rust and corrosion can quickly build up in the radiator. This restricts flow and leads to an overheating engine. If a radiator is leaking, the system will run out of coolant, which again leads to excessive heat in the engine. No matter the cause, an engine that overheats is at serious risk of total destruction. Remember that you should never drive a vehicle with an engine that's running too hot.

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