Subaru O2 Sensor Symptoms & Replacement Services Research in Redwood City, CA

Today, gas-powered vehicles run with advanced computers that determine things like how much fuel is injected into each cylinder, when the spark fires, and a whole lot more. The computer determines all of this based on information it gets from a variety of sensors including O2 sensors that measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases. This is how the computer knows if the amount of fuel and air in the engine is correct and make adjustments accordingly.

In our authorized service center at Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City, replacing bad O2 sensors is one of the more common services we do. Below, we extend some of our experience, so you have a better idea of how best to proceed with the care your Subaru deserves. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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What are Symptoms of a Bad O2 Sensor?

Typically, when the oxygen sensor in the exhaust system goes bad, the vehicle's computer will turn on the check engine light. Since there are a lot of sensors and other problems that could result in this light coming on, you can't determine that the O2 sensor is bad by the check engine light alone. A certified technician with a Subaru code reader will need to find out exactly what caused the check engine light to come on

Aside from the check engine light, other symptoms of a bad O2 sensor have to do with how the vehicle is running. When the computer isn't getting good information from the oxygen sensors, it could be sending more fuel into the engine than necessary. This will not only reduce your fuel economy, but it can also decrease performance. In rare cases, the vehicle may have difficulty even running at all with a bad O2 sensor.

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What's Involved in Replacing an O2 Sensor?

When replacing a bad oxygen sensor in your vehicle, it's important to first determine which sensor is the problem. This is done with that special code reader we mentioned above. Typically, the exhaust system will have one sensor before the catalytic converter and one after. Once the bad O2 sensor is identified, a special wrench is often necessary to remove it. On some models, it can be difficult to access an O2 sensor, but our certified Subaru technicians generally make quick work of this job.

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Why Trust the Certified Experts at Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City, CA?

While no one knows your Subaru quite like the certified technicians in our service center, there are other reasons to trust the dealership for taking care of your Subaru. You see, generic oil change chains and independent mechanics typically don't specialize in Subaru engineering the way we do. When you trust dealership experts, you won't have to worry about paying for extra parts that don't solve the problem. Instead, authorized technicians like ours are extensively trained in the diagnosis and service of Subaru models. This way, you know that your Subaru is getting the expert care it deserves.

What's more, we only use OEM and factory-approved parts, fluids, and components that allow you to continue your journey with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Subaru maintains the high quality it came with the day it rolled off the assembly line. Not only is this a level of quality you can count on, authorized Subaru service is an important part of maintaining the factory warranty. Contact us to find out more at Carlsen Subaru, serving San Mateo and Fremont, CA.

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