Subaru Car Ignition Service & Repair service information in Redwood City, CA

Our authorized Subaru dealership service center in Redwood City believes you're best served when you have information about your vehicle and the service or repair it needs. That's why we put together pages like this one about Subaru ignition systems.

The ignition system in your Subaru and most other modern vehicles consists of everything between the start button or ignition switch all the way to the spark plugs inside each cylinder. That leaves a lot of room for issues. Fortunately, one of the most common problems of having your key stuck in the ignition is likely easy to solve. First, try turning the steering wheel while also working the key back and forth. You see, most Subaru models and other modern cars have a theft safety feature that locks the steering wheel and the ignition switch. If this doesn't fix the problem, there's likely a more involved repair that's needed.

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What Else Could Be Wrong With The Ignition System In Your Car?

If the problem isn't simply a matter of the key being stuck in the ignition, it quickly becomes far more difficult to diagnose and solve ignition problems. If the car simply won't start, it could be the battery, a sensor, or the central computer. A vehicle that doesn't run reliably could be an indication that there's a problem with the ignition, or it may be an issue with another system. Ultimately, the best way to diagnose and solve most car ignition problems is to arrange for factory-authorized and trained technicians to take a look. They'll get to the bottom of any Subaru issue without wasting your time and money like independent mechanic shops are prone to do.

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When you chose to drive a Subaru, you made a smart decision and trusted a unique level of engineering. And when it comes to taking the best care of things like the flat Subaru BOXER® engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, or upgrading with factory-approved Subaru accessories, it makes sense to trust the dealership experts who know your Subaru best. That's who you'll find at Carlsen Subaru, and our prices are competitive with unaffiliated third-party car repair shops and franchises. In fact, our regularly updated service special discount offers make it even easier to give your Subaru the best care. Schedule your appointment online or simply stop by when it's convenient for you at 480 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063.

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