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Today, virtually every vehicle, from cars to trucks to SUVs and beyond, rides on a sophisticated system of suspension. You may think of springs and shocks when considering this system in your vehicle, but there's a lot more to it than that, including wearable parts like ball joints, bushings, and the tires themselves. Did you know that the adjustments needed when tires aren't wearing evenly has to do with the suspension system? Since they're particularly complicated, today's car suspension systems should be maintained and repaired by experienced professionals. If you enjoy the capability and reliability of a Subaru, the factory-trained technicians in our authorized Subaru service center are here to help.

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What Is Car Suspension?

Were it not for automotive suspension, every dip and bump in the road would be a potential disaster, and no vehicle would last long. That's why engineers have developed a system of control arms, springs, shocks, and bushings that allow the wheels to endure the changing road without sending the bumps throughout the whole vehicle.

Today, most Subaru vehicles are equipped with a double wishbone suspension, which has long been considered among the best types of suspension. This allows each wheel to react to changes in the road independently from the rest of the wheels. This contrasts with suspension systems like the torsion beam. This is a beam that typically connects both rear wheels to each other in a way that only allows them to travel semi-independently.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about suspension is that it's assembled under a significant amount of compression. Taking things apart around your wheels can be dangerous if you're not very familiar with proper procedures for releasing car suspension spring tension. Your best bet is to schedule an appointment with the experts at an authorized dealership service center.

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When you chose to drive a Subaru, you made a smart decision and trusted a unique level of engineering. And when it comes to taking the best care of things like the flat Subaru BOXER® engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, or upgrading with factory-approved Subaru accessories, it makes sense to trust the dealership experts who know your Subaru best. That's who you'll find at Carlsen Subaru, and our prices are competitive with unaffiliated third-party car repair shops and franchises. In fact, our regularly updated service special discount offers make it even easier to give your Subaru the best care. Schedule your appointment online or simply stop by when it's convenient for you at 480 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063.

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