Subaru Fuel Pump Trouble Symptoms & Repair service information in Redwood City, CA

The leading value and quality responsible for every Subaru model means that a lot of them have been on the road for quite a long time. After years of standing up to the traffic and the demands of getting around the San Francisco Bay Area, you may find that things like the fuel pump need attention. How do you know if the fuel pump in your Subaru has a problem? We believe that information is a key part of caring for customers at our authorized dealership service center, so we offer service information pages like this one. Check out some of the symptoms of a bad fuel pump and one way you might detect a bad fuel pump relay on this page. If you have any questions or need help, it's easy to schedule an appointment with us online or in person at 480 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063.

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What Are Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Pump?

Perhaps the most common symptoms that cause people to think they have a bad fuel pump are actually what happens when the fuel pump relay goes bad. This is the switch that tells the fuel pump when to pressurize the system on modern fuel-injected engines like the flat BOXER® engine found in every modern Subaru. If you listen carefully with all the accessories like the radio and climate control off when you start the vehicle, you can usually hear the fuel pump kick on when you turn the key to the accessory position. If you don't hear anything and your vehicle simply turns over without starting, there's a good chance that the fuel pump relay has gone bad. Though, before you run out and buy a new fuel pump relay, we strongly recommend having it tested by an expert at an authorized service center like ours at Carlsen Subaru.

Other symptoms of a bad fuel pump include a vehicle that runs poorly, an engine that dies when idling, a vehicle that simply won't start or has trouble starting, and a general lack of reliability. Ultimately, it's best to have the factory-trained technicians in a dealership service center take a closer look and identify the problem without wasting your time and money through trial-and-error methods commonly found at independent mechanic shops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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