Doors, Windows, Locks and What to Do When They're Not Working: 4 Things All Subaru Owners Need to Know

Things to Know About Door and Ignition Locks - Service Information at Carlsen Subaru

With more electronic gizmos than ever, modern cars are more sophisticated, more connected and more convenient -- but things can still break. Over time, even basic things like your car's doors, locks and windows can stop working as they should. They can be damaged by a would-be car thief; they can stop working due to an electrical short; they can simply wear out over time. On this page from the Carlsen Subaru service team, we'll tell you some things to look out for when it comes to your car's doors, windows, key fobs and locks. If you ever experience trouble with these items on your car, trust the trained Subaru pros at Carlsen Subaru to get them fixed.

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4. Common Key Fob Problems

By far the most common key fob issue you'll run into is a dying battery in the key fob itself. You might notice the distance from which the fob works to lock and unlock the doors starts to shrink -- and that means the battery needs to be replaced soon. You can visit an authorized Subaru service center to get a new battery installed and have the key fob reprogrammed if necessary.

However, if you've got push-button start and keyless entry, and the key works to unlock the doors but the engine won't start, you may need professional Subaru service. This problem is likely caused by a bad signal receiver in the steering column.

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3. Common Car Door Problems

The latching mechanism inside of a car door can eventually break from years and years of repeated use -- and you might find it makes your car door impossible to open, even when unlocked. That's a sign that the latching mechanism is busted. To fix it, you'll need to have a professional with special tools pull off the trim pieces on the inside of the door. Then they'll be able to access the latch to make a repair.

You might also have power locks that refuse to work. This can be caused by a blown fuse, a bad relay, a problem in the wiring harness or another bug in the electronics. However, if most of your car's power locks work fine, but one door is malfunctioning, it's more likely to be a mechanical problem with that specific door.

2. Common Car Key Problems

Over time, the teeth on your car key will wear down and smooth out -- and eventually it may get to the point where you can't turn the key in the door locks or ignition at all. You might just need a new key cut, but the inside of the lock itself can also wear in a similar way. For that reason, it's smart to have your car key difficulties checked out by a Subaru dealership technician. Only they have the correct tools and know-how to not only fix your physical key but also make sure your new key is properly paired to the immobilizer anti-theft device in your car. If you have a new key cut but not programmed properly, it might let you into the car, but it won't start the engine.

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1. Common Power Window Problems

As with most electrical issues you might experience with your car, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause without having one of our expert techs take a closer look. That's because there's thousands of feet of wire running through your car! Your power windows might stop working if there's an electrical short in the system, a bad relay or blown fuse, or if there's something physically wrong with the window regulator. The window regulator is the motor and arm that extends and retracts to raise and lower your window. If the window glass becomes detached from the window regulator, there will be nothing holding the glass in place, and it could slide down into the door.

If you've encountered any of these problems on your car, we've got the expert team that can get them fixed at Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City.

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