4 Reasons Your Headlights Aren't Working but your High Beams Work from Carlsen Subaru

Learn 4 Reasons Your Headlights Aren't Working

Driving at night without working headlights is dangerous and, well, illegal. And only having your high beams available is also dangerous, potentially blinding oncoming traffic and putting other drivers at risk! Naturally, a problem with your car's headlights is one that needs to be addressed right away. You can always visit Carlsen Subaru for quality, expert help in our service center. To give you a better idea of what you can expect, we compiled the four most common reasons your headlights might stop working. We see these problems all the time in our service center. Stop by the next time your car needs attention from the pros.

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Reason #4: Bad Low Beam Bulbs

Just like the light bulb in the lamp in your house, the bulbs that illuminate your headlights will eventually go bad and need to be replaced. However, if your high beams continue to work while your low beams both stopped working at the same time, it's unlikely that it's due to bad bulbs. It's extremely improbable that both bulbs would burn out at the very same time. If both low beam bulbs aren't working, it's much more likely to be one of these three other problems. If just one low beam stopped working, you'll probably just need to have a fresh bulb installed.

Reason #3: Bad Headlight Switch

Believe it or not, the switch itself which you turn in order to select between your high and low beams can wear out over time. If your car is relatively new, this is extremely unlikely -- but if your car has been faithfully serving you for many years and is getting up there in miles, the switches themselves can start to go bad. Our friendly technicians can order replacement components for your car and get them installed correctly. Your car's headlight switch will then be good as new.

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Reason #2: Blown Fuses or Relays

Every electrical component on your car is connected through a fuse for safety reasons. If a surge should begin to course through the circuit, the fuse will blow, interrupting the circuit and stopping the dangerous flow of electricity. If a small surge blew the headlight fuse, the headlights can't turn on until the fuse is replaced to restore the circuit.

Under the hood next to the fuse box, you'll also find relays, which allow the car to switch from low beams to high. If the relay goes bad, it can get stuck in the high beam position, and your regular headlights won't work until a new relay is installed in its place.

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Reason #1: Dirty Fingers

You might not believe it, but, stay with us for a minute.

Since they're relatively accessible and easy to swap out, some people prefer to change their own headlight bulbs. Your low beam bulbs tend to need replacing much more often than your high beam bulbs, as the low beams are usually on much more often. So, if you just replaced your headlight bulbs, and they stopped working shortly thereafter, you might think there has to be something wrong elsewhere in the system -- the new bulbs couldn't have gone bad that quickly, right?

What many amateurs don't know about headlight bulbs is that they're very sensitive. The glass is extremely thin, and the filament inside gets incredibly hot -- much hotter than a household incandescent bulb. The bulbs are designed to distribute that heat evenly across the glass. But, if the dirt and oils from your bare hands collect on the bulb, it can cause the glass to heat unevenly and break. Even just holding it in your fingers long enough to install it will dramatically shorten the life of your headlamp bulbs!

That's why our technicians always wear gloves when installing headlamp bulbs, and you should too. No matter what's wrong with your headlights, we'll help you see things clearly at the Carlsen Subaru Service Center, proudly serving the whole San Francisco metro area.

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