Consider These 6 Things if the Body of Your Subaru is Damaged in the San Francisco Bay Area

Things to Know About Replacing Factory Body Parts

The roads here in the Redwood City area are more crowded and unpredictable than ever. Unfortunately, that also means that vehicles regularly sustain damage.

If your Subaru has body damage, whether it's a minor door ding, a crunched bumper, or something else, there are some things to know. Below, we outline six things we think are important if you're looking to fix body damage on your Subaru.

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6. Factory Replacement Parts

If you have an older Subaru model, you may find replacement body parts that aren't from the factory. If your Subaru is a classic, these may be your only option. However, more recent models should have damaged body panels and parts replaced with a factory OEM part. They're a perfect fit, and you should be able to get them painted to match the factory color of your Subaru.

5. Paint

Even if you do get your replacement Subaru body part from an authorized dealer like us, they may not be available with matching paint. We suggest that you have any replacement body parts painted at an authorized Subaru body shop. They'll make sure the part gets a quality paint job that's an exact match to the rest of your ride. Even if you end up with a body part from a salvage yard, it's best to let the experts take care of all necessary paint work.

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4. Easy on the Body Filler

If you're looking to repair a damaged body part yourself, we salute you. However, we caution against filling that large dent where the neighbors' teenager caved in your quarter panel with body filler putty. We won't mention the common brand name of this stuff, but it rhymes with "condo." Excessive use of body filler likely won't look good at all. Or, if it does, the good looks probably won't last.

3. Beware the Unseen Safety Features

It's easy to think that the distracted driver who ran into your rear bumper didn't really do any damage beyond that small scratch. However, there's more to car bumpers than meets the eye. Most modern vehicles have some manner of impact absorbing material or mechanisms in the bumper. Even a slight bump can render these protections useless for the next impact. Be sure your DIY Subaru body repair includes these hidden safety features so you'll continue to enjoy the industry-leading safety Subaru is known for.

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2. Trust the Experts

Knocking a small dent out yourself or replacing a broken side mirror can be a rewarding DIY project, but it's not hard for the novice to quickly get in over their heads with body repair. Safety features within a bumper along with other unseen components will need to be addressed properly. That's why we strongly recommend leaving serious Subaru body repair to factory-approved shops. Ask our service department at Carlsen Subaru for more information.

1. Benefits of a Factory-Authorized Body Shop

There are a lot of advantages to leaving the body repair of your Subaru to the experts who know it best. For one, it'll save you a lot of time and probably look better. DIY vehicle body repair rarely comes out as well as work done at an authorized shop. What's more, authorized body shops will have access to OEM and factory-approved replacement parts as well as the knowledge to get your vehicle restored to its former glory.

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