5 Things to Consider Before Changing out Your Subaru Car Audio System

Things to Know About Installing an Aftermarket Stereo

Upgrading the audio system is one of the most popular ways to make a vehicle your own, but there are some things to consider before ripping out the factory audio system in your Subaru.

Below, we discuss five things that we think are important when upgrading a Subaru audio system. If you have any questions, contact the experts in our service center at Carlsen Subaru, serving Oakland, CA.

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5. Beware the Factory Warranty

If your Subaru is new and still covered by the factory warranty, you may consider waiting until after the warranty expires before putting in a different sound system. You can speak with a service advisor about upgrading to a factory Subaru audio system from a higher trim level, but if you're looking to go with an aftermarket head unit, amplifier, and speakers, these could negatively affect your ride's factory warranty.

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4. Is there Such a Thing as Too Loud for Your Car Audio System?

We're not doctors, so we won't comment on what loud car stereos might do to your hearing. However, we do have an ordinance here in Redwood City that you could run into with a custom car audio system that's too loud, and such laws are common throughout the Bay Area. If you do end up with a particularly powerful audio system in your Subaru, be especially careful about when and where you unleash the bass.

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3. Will Your New Car Audio System Fit?

You may have seen the size of car audio head units presented as DIN. This stands for Deutsche Institut Normung, which means the German Institute for Standardization in English. Since it was in German cars that the size of stereo head units was standardized, we use this term. All this is to say that you want to be sure that the aftermarket head unit will fit properly in your vehicle's dash. Additionally, make sure any new speakers also fit correctly.

2. Know Your Wiring

There are far more ways to wire a car stereo wrong than there are to do it right. The last thing you want is to keep having to replace your ride's battery because the stereo system was installed wrong. This is why we strongly recommend leaving any electrical work, especially car audio, to the experts who know your Subaru best.

1. Trust an Expert

In older vehicles, upgrading that old cassette tape radio with a newer stereo head unit was a relatively straight-forward process. However, the advanced technology found in today's cars is a bit of a different story. No one wants to spend the money on an aftermarket stereo only to have it turn off every time the brake pedal is applied. If you decide to put a different stereo system in your modern ride, it's probably best to leave the installation to the experts.

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