Things to Know About Vehicle Brakes

The brakes on a Subaru vehicle are the most important safety feature it has, and we want to help you better understand this important system. Below, we detail six things we believe are important to know when it comes to Subaru brake service and repair. Whether you're looking to take care of your own Subaru brakes or leave it to the factory-trained technicians, get a better understanding of your brakes here. If you have any questions, our factory-authorized service center will be happy to discuss them with you at Carlsen Subaru, serving Fremont, CA.

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6. Subaru Brake Maintenance

If you keep up with recommended Subaru maintenance, then you shouldn't have to worry about how well the brakes are maintained. That's because brake inspections and service are a standard part of Subaru scheduled maintenance. Keeping the brakes in good condition can include new pads, fresh brake fluid, and new brake rotors on occasion.

5. Subaru Brake System Repair

If ever your brakes don't respond the way they should, then pull the vehicle over and have the brakes repaired, right away. A bad brake caliper could cause the vehicle to pull to one side when you apply the brakes, or a bad brake master cylinder could result in a significantly reduced response from the brake pedal. If you hear grinding when applying the brakes, you're likely past due for new pads.

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4. Brake Fluid

Like virtually every vehicle on the road, the brakes in your Subaru are operated with a hydraulic brake fluid. This is a closed system, so you shouldn't have to replace the brake fluid very often, but this part of Subaru brake maintenance will eventually become necessary. If you're doing this project yourself, be sure you get the correct brake fluid from an authorized dealer parts center like ours at Carlsen Subaru.

3. DIY Subaru Brake Job

Doing a brake job on your own Subaru is a great place to start learning DIY automotive maintenance. However, it's important that this job is done correctly. A loose brake caliper bolt can find you without brakes when you need them the most. When caring for your own brakes, it's vital that you're confident you know everything necessary to get the job done correctly. If not, it's best to leave brake work to factory-certified technicians.

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2. Quality Brake Parts

Cheap brake pads from the local franchise auto parts store can be tempting, but beware that you're likely getting what you pay for. Replacing cheap brake pads every six months will typically prove far more expensive than simply getting OEM Subaru brake pads from an authorized Subaru parts center that last for years. If you leave the work on your brake system to our service department, you can count on factory parts that last.

1. When in Doubt, Trust the Experts

If something is wrong with the brakes in your Subaru, it's best to trust the factory-trained experts at a factory-certified service center. They know every inch of Subaru engineering, they only use OEM parts and those that have been approved by Subaru engineers, and they'll ensure that there are no surprises waiting down the road. Schedule a service appointment at Carlsen Subaru to learn more.

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