What Does the Engine Oil System in Your Subaru Do? 4 Things To Know in the San Francisco Bay Area

Things to Know About Your Vehicle Oil System - Service Questions Answered by the pros at Carlsen Subaru

You probably know that getting regular oil changes is important, but the function of the oil is something that many don't think about. At Carlsen Subaru, we want to help provide you with important Subaru information, so we've collected four important things you should know. The oil system in your Subaru:

Make sure your Subaru always has plenty of oil to help cool the engine.

4. Helps Keep the Engine Cool

The cooling system in your Subaru does the lion's share of work when it comes to cooling the engine, which is why it's important to get your coolant replaced at the recommended intervals. But did you know that the oil system helps too? The oil flows through various channels and galleries; as it does so, it absorbs some of the additional heat from the engine.

Checking your oil regularly can help prevent particulate damage.

3. Helps Fight Particulate Damage

Particulate and engines don't mix. Whether it's dirt that has managed to get past a fuel filter or tiny metal shavings that come from the engine's components, particulate can do real harm to your engine. When you have enough oil in your system, it will suspend these particles, keeping them from damaging your engine. This is one of the reasons that oil changes are so important: in order to be effective at fighting particulate damage, the oil can't become too clogged with particles.

Regular oil changes help keep the engine's moving parts lubricated.

2. Keeps the Engine Clean with Oil Additives

As the engine goes through the combustion process, it naturally creates carbon. Most of this leaves the engine with the exhaust gases, but that's not always the case. Left to its own devices, carbon will build up in your engine, making it function less effectively. However, Subaru-approved oil has additives that clean the engine and help break down any carbon buildup.

1. Keeps the Engine's Moving Parts Lubricated

Though the other features of the oil system are certainly important, its key role is to keep the moving parts of your vehicle's engine lubricated. The engine in your Subaru has lots of moving parts, and moving parts generate friction. If not for the lubricating power of oil, this friction could quickly damage your engine.

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