Does the Inside of Your Subaru Smell Like Gas? Here Are 4 Possible Causes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Things to Know if You Smell Gas Inside Your Vehicle - Service Questions Answered by the pros at Carlsen Subaru

The smell of gasoline belongs only in certain places, and the cabin of your Subaru car or SUV is not one of them. If you smell gas when you're sitting in your Subaru, there's a good chance that you have nothing to worry about. However, it's better to be safe than sorry.

At Carlsen Subaru, we want you to have the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your Subaru. That's why we've put together helpful information pages like this one. Below, find four probable causes of a gas smell in the cabin of your car.

Make sure to always replace the gas cap after refueling your Subaru.

4. A Missing or Loose Gas Cap

If you didn't screw your gas cap back in all the way the last time you filled up, you may begin to smell gas in the cabin. The gas cap makes sure that the vapors from the gas tank stay where they should, so a loose or misplaced gas cap won't do much good in keeping this smell away. You may smell it especially strongly when you're at a stoplight or sitting in traffic. If the cap is loose, unscrewing and then tightening it can work. If you've lost it entirely, the good news is that these parts are inexpensive and easy to replace. You can find a replacement and be on your merry way.

Stop driving and call for a tow if you suspect a gas leak.

3. A Cracked or Worn Gas Cap

If the gas cap is firmly in place, remove it and check the inside. Is the seal around the cap in good condition, or does it have noticeable wear? Is the cap itself intact, or does it have any cracks or chips? If the gas cap is in bad condition, it may not form a seal, and can let vapors escape. For both this and the previous problem, the check engine light may also illuminate. Once again, the best solution is to get a new gas cap.

Eight different fuel injectors arranged in a circle.

2. A Gas Leak

If the gas cap isn't to blame, the problem may be a gas leak. Unfortunately, there are many places gas could leak from your vehicle. A gas leak in the engine could be due to a leaky fuel injector, worn engine seals, or other issues. Gasoline is a volatile substance, so a gas leak can be dangerous. If you suspect a gas leak, have your Subaru towed to the dealership--don't attempt to drive it.

1. A Rich Air-Fuel Ratio

The fuel injectors in most modern Subaru vehicles inject a precise mixture of fuel and air for combustion. If this mixture has too much fuel and not enough air, it's called "rich." If the mixture is rich, not all the gasoline will be burned off during combustion. Instead, it may be released in the exhaust. In addition to causing black smoke to come out of your vehicle's tailpipe, it may also make your Subaru smell like gas.

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