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Subaru Boxer Engine Design & Specifications

Every Subaru Model Vehicle features the Subaru Boxer engine, which features a horizontal design that helps to create a smooth, quite ride. It achieves this by canceling out vibrations caused by engine fire and piston movement. Furthermore it eliminates the need for vibration absorbing components in the engine, which can often accrue costly maintenance and replacement costs. The standard engine for most Subaru models is the 2.5-liter or 2.0-liter Flat-4 Boxer Engine, combining capable power, efficiency and smooth operation. Some Subaru Legacy, Outback, Forester, and Tribeca models feature the 3.6-liter Flat-6 Subaru Boxer Engine, which outputs 256 horsepower. At Carlsen Subaru we carry a large inventory of all the Subaru Models with their highly efficiently and performance enhancing Boxer Engines.

Low Profile Horizontally Opposed Engine Position

The Subaru Boxer engine is designed to have a lower center of gravity than vehicles with V-type engines or Inline engines, providing you with increased responsiveness, and quicker handling. The horizontal design of the Subaru Boxer creates almost perfect symmetry, producing a well-balanced vehicle that will you give the control you desire, when you need it most. At Carlsen Subaru we are happy to answer any questions about the Subaru Boxer Engine in each Subaru model. Give us a call today to learn more (888) 520-5916

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